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Colorado Springs, CO

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Dr. Scott R. Hill

Dr. Scott Hill completed his bachelor’s degree at Utah State University and then received his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry in 2014. After serving as an associate dentist in Ohio, he then selected Colorado Springs as the right location to settle his family.

He believes in offering his community superior dental care in a warm, comfortable environment. His goal is to help patients stay healthy so they can lead happier lives.

Continuing Education
Each year, Dr. Hill advances his skills and training with far more continuing education services than are required. While the State of Colorado requires 30 hours each year, Dr. Hill has completed well over 100 hours in the last year.

Charitable Work
Through an organization called Charity Anywhere, Dr. Hill has traveled overseas multiple times to serve underprivileged individuals and communities. He has gone to the Dominican Republic to place implants for patients and returned for another trip to help with wisdom teeth extractions. Through the Give a Smile Foundation, he offers his care at no charge to underserved individuals.
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"My name is Holly and I had braces as a teenager, and wore retainers for a short period of time. Over the course of about 20 years, my teeth began to shift...and my bite became uncomfortable...and so, I came in to see Dr. Hill for a routine dental visit, and he mentioned the Clear Correct treatment to me...I'm very happy with the results. My bite feels better, and the crowding on my bottom teeth is gone!  They're perfectly aligned and I only wear my retainers at night. I'm loving how they look, and I'm very pleased with the Clear Correct treatment...thank you Dr. Hill!"

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